by Robin Hathaway

St. Martin's Press, NY
Hardback available May 1998

Winner of the Malice Domestic Agatha Award
for "Best First Novel of 1998"

Winner of St. Martin's Press/Malice Domestic Award for "Best First Traditional Mystery of 1997"

As Dr. Fenimore takes a stroll in Philadelphia's "Society Hill," he observes a teenager trying to bury a sack. When a guard chases the youth out of the park, Fenimore gets involved. "What's in the sack?" he asks.

"My cat," the youth says unhappily. "A car got him."

Fenimore leads the teenager to a burial ground set aside years ago by William Penn for the use of the Lenni-Lenape Indians. But, while preparing the grave for the cat, the doctor discovers that the space is already a young woman who has not been buried long, or in the usual way. She is sitting upright, facing East...


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©2003 Robin Hathaway