by Robin Hathaway

St. Martin's Press, NY
Hardback available January 2000
Paperback available December 1, 2000

Many years ago, the elderly sisters, Emily and Judith Pancoast received a dollhouse from their brother for Christmas. It was an exact replica of their Victorian home in the small village of Seacrest. Every year on Thanksgiving the entire family gathers at the sisters' home for the holiday dinner. But this year, when Emily goes to make a last-minute check of the dollhouse, she discovers that the dining room table is in total disarray and the doll representing their niece, Pamela, is facedown in her dessert plate. At first the ladies suspect mice, but when their real niece is found poisoned in the same spot, in the same position, they seek out the help of their family physician and amateur sleuth Dr. Andrew Fenimore. Five murders later (each preceeded by an enactment in the dollhouse), Fenimore and his loyal nurse, Mrs. Doyle, zero in on the villain.

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©2003 Robin Hathaway